Dev Pramoth


I build clean, sustainable and functional products and business models. I like to read about economics, technology and futuristic stuff.

䷑ At Ocean Protocol, we use advanced blockchain technology that allows data to be shared and sold in a safe, secure and transparent manner. We enable a decentralized platform and network that connects providers and consumers of valuable data, while providing open access for developers to build services.

Lucid Beans is a project I working on, with my father, to conceptulize the world's most transparent coffee value chain.

❥ I like the minimalist mindset and adventures 🏄. I love coffee.

  Want to work together? See what I do at We focus on creating impact and value that are aligned to the sustainable development goals through collaboration and technology.

  Previously, I offered consulting services in IT, biz dev, HR and finance. Prior to my master's I worked as a civil engineer in Hong Kong.

  I live in Berlin, Germany.

Random updates on interesting concepts and projects