Dev Pramoth


I build clean, sustainable and functional products and business models. I like to read about economics, technology and futuristic stuff.

Cover Title Author Note
Social Architecture Pieter Hintjens Read:2018, Building online communities
The Evolution of Cooperation Robert Axelrod Read:2018, Game Theory
Nudge Richard Thaler, Cass Sunstein Read:2018, The Power of Intentional Design
The four Scott Galloway Read:2018, HHmmm
Homo Deus Yuval Noah Harari Read:2017, One way to look into the future
Abundance Peter Diamandis Read:2017, Amazing. Explains the inpirartion behind XPrize and why it is such a powerful impact incentive.
Elon Musk Ashlee Vance Read:2017, Wish the book never ends.
Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari Read:2017, Fun book to get a quick history lesson.
Ecology of Commerce Paul Hawken Read:2017, For resource economics course. How to improve regulations?
The sharing economy Arun Sundararajan Read:2017, Interesting business model ideas.
Blockchain Melanie Swan Read:2017, For master thesis. ZZzzz
How Google works Eric Schmidt Read:2017, HR Strategy
Zero to One Peter Theil Read:2016, I like it
The tipping point Malcolm Gladwell Read:2017, fun.
CFO Techniques Marina Guzik Read:2017, Consulting project. Useful
The power of Habit Charles Duhigg Read:2018, Wonderful book with amazing examples. Keystone habits
Let my people go surfing Yvon Chouinard Read:2017, One of my favorites. Company culture, adventure and respect.
Traction Gabriel Weinberg Read:2017,
How to win friends & influence people Dale Carnegie Read:2017, Humble.
The story of my experiments with truth Mohandas K Gandhi Read:2016, Powerful. The pursuit for truth.
BUSY Tony Crabbe Read:2017,
The Art of Happiness Dalai Lama Read:2017, Slow.
What the dog saw Malcolm Gladwell Read:2017,
blink Malcolm Gladwell Read:2017,
The 5AM Revolution Dan Luca Read:2017, funny.
Case Interview Secrets Victor Cheng Read:2018, Consulting prep.
Profit from the core Chris Zook Read:2016, All about identifying growth.